2015 will be remembered as a year of celebration for Ontario Francophones. Two main events should be highlighted: festivities surrounding 400 years of French presence in Ontario throughout the province, and the renewal of Ontario’s French Language Health Planning Entities mandate. We will provide continued support to health service providers in the development of French language services, as well as get Francophones involved in the planning process for these services. This work, greatly appreciated by our partners, is in direct alignment with one of the core values proposed in the Ministry’s transformation: equitable access to health services.




In order to improve access to French-language health services, Entité 4 contributes to community engagement and provides innovative advice to the LHINs on planning, organizing and integrating diverse, high quality health care services.



Entité 4 is known for the quality of its recommendations which succeed in meeting the needs of the Francophone community and contribute to the development of a health care system that provides high quality, cost-effective services.




Maintaining consistency of thought, action and discourse and displaying integrity in the management of public funds.


Being creative and thinking outside the box to put forward efficient models for organizing health care services.


Maintaining an attitude of collaboration with Entité 4’s partners and associates; cooperating with the existing local health care system will help improve community health and access to services in French.


Maintaining high standards of quality and relying on accurate data so that the Entity’s credibility remains indisputable.



A. Central LHIN

  • North York (City of Toronto)
  • York
  • Simcoe (South)

B. Central East LHIN

  • Scarborough (City of Toronto)
  • Durham
  • Northumberland
  • Kawartha Lakes
  • Peterborough
  • Haliburton

C. North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN

  • Simcoe (North)
  • Muskoka

Entité 4 works in close collaboration with the Central, Central East and North Simcoe Muskoka LHINs, who are responsible for planning, coordinating and funding the local health system. We convey the health needs expressed by Francophone communities in our territory by making recommendations to our three partner LHINs to improve quality of services for Francophones.

A quality recommendation must be based on excellent understanding of the community’s needs, orientations of the health system, and best practices regarding offering services to Francophones who live in a minority situation.

Entité 4 is actively involved with the Regroupement des entités de planfication des services de santé en français de l’Ontario which adresses province-wide issues. L’Alliance des Réseaux ontariens de Santé en français is also a partner in these initiatives. Entité 4 helped elaborate the Regroupement’s response to the Ministry’s discussion paper Patients First; and sits on the Comité de programmation du Sommet sur l’avenir des ressources humaines de la santé en français en Ontario under the leadership of Montfort Hospital.


Recommendations to Central LHIN


Recommendations to Central East LHIN


Recommendations to North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN



Entité 4 actively raises awareness among health service providers about the importance of language as a factor of quality and safety of care. It also promotes the identification and designation processes as indispensable tools for ensuring the sustainability of French language health services.

This concerted approach fosters a clear and targeted coordination of actions taken by main stakeholders: our three partner LHINs, health service providers, Entité 4 and Francophone communities.

LHINPlanning &
Entité 4Community
Service ProvidersHealthcare Services
in French

“Entité 4’s continued partnership with the North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN has demonstrated a joint commitment to improving access to French language health services for our Francophone residents.”

Jill Tettmann
Chief Executive Officer, North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN



Over the last five years, Entité 4 has concentrated its efforts on four priority sectors: primary care, mental health and addictions, chronic diseases and care for seniors. These sectors are underpinned by two systemic axes: integration of the Francophone perspective in planning for health services, and sustainability over time of French language services.

Selection of these priority sectors was based on a needs analysis of Francophones who live within Entité 4’s catchment area, and the level of impact on their health: in other words, where language is crucial to care, where the most vulnerable users are found, and where coordination and navigation of care improves access to French language services.

Dialogue with Francophones and community partners is very important to Entité 4. Our community engagement activities are designed to inform members of the community on health services available in French and encourage them to get involved in the planning process for these services.

A Diversified and Growing

Francophone population

There are 611,500 Francophones in Ontario1.




Francophone communities within our catchment area are very diverse. For example, the Greater Toronto Area is home to an ever increasing number of newly arrived Francophones from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. On the other hand, North Simcoe Muskoka boasts one of the oldest French speaking communities in Ontario. This community celebrated 400 years of French presence in Ontario in 20152.

The richness of this diversity translates into complex and varied health needs within these communities.

  1. Data from 2011 Census according to the Inclusive Definition of Francophone (2014).
    Office of Francophone Affairs.
  2. 400 Years of French Presence in Ontario (2014) Office of Francophone Affairs.



11 consultations were organized by, or in partnership with, Entité 4 to obtain feedback from the community on services which would adequately respond to their needs, or fill gaps.

Entité 4 sits on committees and participates in working groups or tables to convey the needs of Francophone communities, particularly in the planning , with key stakeholders, of health services addressing these needs.

Consultation on primary care in Barrie

5 working tables throughout Entité 4’s catchment area:

  • Coalition for Healthy Francophone Communities in Scarborough (Scarborough)
  • North York Working Group for health promotion and navigation (North York West)
  • York Francophone Advisory Committee on Health (York Region)
  • Francophone Community Table on Health – Durham Region (Durham Region)
  • Francophone Community Partners with Schools (COMPASS) (North Simcoe Muskoka Region)

1 sectoral table at Bendale Acres Long-Term Care Home for the well-being of Francophone Seniors (Scarborough).

1 community of practice in North Simcoe Muskoka where health service providers collaborate to develop their capacity to offer services to Francophones.

Presentation on bilingual human resources at the Central East LHIN

During the 2015 Annual General Meeting and in front of a crowd of approximately 60 attendees, Entité 4 thanked its partners for their support in planning French language health services.

Yves Lévesque, Entité 4 Chairman - Deborah Hammons, Central East LHIN CEO - Jill Tettmann, North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN CEO - Manon Lemonde, Entité 4 Vice-President - Estelle Duchon, Entité 4 Executive Director - Kim Baker, Central LHIN CEO

Apart from school and community events, Entité 4 participated in the Festival du Loup in Lafontaine, attended the Foire de la francophonie organized by l'Association des francophones de la région de York, had a booth at the Official Languages Open House in Canadian Forces Base Borden and at the Forum de la francophonie torontoise at Glendon College in North York.

Entité 4's booth at École secondaire catholique Nouvelle-Alliance in Barrie

Entité 4 joined Twitter in July 2015. Since then, 155 tweets were issued and 133 followers joined our Twitter feed.

207 members. Being a member of Entité 4 means being Francophone, living or working within Entité 4’s catchment area, and supporting our mission to improve access to quality health services in French within the territory of our three partner LHINs.

1,218 subscribers to Cap S@nté, Entité 4’s electronic newsletter.

A few of the projects, supported by Entité 4, realized by health service providers and improving access to health services in French.



In this sector, communication is at the heart of treatment. It is therefore crucial that Francophones receive services in their language when confronted with mental health or addiction issues.

“All agencies are prepared to help - in English - and sometimes they sent a social worker to meet with us, but no activity or interview took place in French, so it serves no purpose. They tried to help us, but they can’t because there are no services available in French.”

A member of the community

Entité 4 supported health service providers who offered the Mental Health First Aid Program in French within its territory. This program helps participants recognize signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, enables them to provide initial help and guide an individual towards appropriate professional assistance.

  • 3 workshops offered within North Simcoe Muskoka by CHIGAMIK CHC and La Clé thanks to funding provided by the LHIN.
  • 34 graduates in North Simcoe Muskoka

Participants and facilitators of Mental Health First Aid Program in French at CHIGAMIK CHC

“To me, it is an essential tool to demystify mental health problems. It offers a clear and sensitive approach which can be used with individuals in need or in a crisis situation.”

Julien Laramée
Mental Health and Addictions Advisor, CHIGAMIK CHC

  • 1 workshop offered in Durham Region thanks to funding provided by Central East LHIN to the Canadian Mental Health Association of Durham.

  • 12 graduates in Durham region.

Mental Health First Aid in French in Ajax
Photo: Mireille Huneault

“It is wonderful to see that a program such as Mental Health First Aid is now available in French... I learned so much and I think this program should be offered again...”

A participant in the Durham workshops



Primary care forms the basis of health care; it is the main access portal to the health system. Part of developing quality primary care means taking language into consideration throughout a patient’s journey, offer better coordination of care and facilitate navigation of the health system.

“It is not the first time that I see a doctor, so I understand the process, but to know what the doctor was asking me, describe my symptoms, my insurance plan and that type of thing... we played mime for a long time and a medical clinic is not the best place for guessing games. Health is important.”

A member of the community

TAIBU CHC received funding from Central East LHIN subsequent to consultations with the Coalition for Healthy Francophone Families of Scarborough, supported by a recommendation from Entité 4. From now on, Francophones in that area will be able to receive primary care services adapted to their language and culture.

Funded by Health Canada through Société Santé en français and stemming from INTACC, the French Health Care System Navigation Pilot Project at CHIGAMIK CHC is the result of a collaboration between Entité 4, Réseau franco-santé Sud de l’Ontario and CHIGAMIK CHC with the participation of North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN. 28 Francophone clients used this new program.


With support from many community organizations, BLACK CREEK CHC in North York offers a number of different workshops in French through a Francophone consultant and a French- speaking system navigation expert. From January to March 2016, 137 participants attended these workshops.



Entité 4 continued to support TAIBU CHC with the organization of Chronic Disease Self-Management workshops in French. 16 participants graduated from this program.

Participants of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop at TAIBU CHC

Testimony from participants of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program at TAIBU CHC:

  • The Chronic Disease Management workshops helped me make changes regarding my diabetes and take better charge of my health.
  • At 67, I have developed renewed enthusiasm for physical and social activities because I have to age in a healthy way.
  • In Scarborough, we are happy to have a Centre which allows us to flourish physically, socially and mentally in our own language, and is culturally sensitive.
  • At the Centre, my health needs are taken into consideration; I am a person, and not a number.



A Seniors' Wellness Symposium was organized in June 2015 by the City of Toronto, in collaboration with the Réseau franco-santé Sud de l’Ontario, la Fédération des Aînés Retraités Francophones de l’Ontario, Reflet Salvéo, Central East LHIN and Entité 4. This two-day event was designed to raise awareness among health service providers about the importance of offering services in French to Francophone seniors, and promote Pavillon Omer Deslauriers at Bendale Acres which offers long-term care services in French.

Seniors' Wellness Symposium
Photo: City of Toronto

Entité 4 continues to support the Adult Day Program for Francophone seniors in Oshawa, offered through Centres d’Accueil Héritage. 12 participants enjoyed this service in 2015.


of Services

Entité 4 participated in the development of a directory of health and social services available in French at, launched this year. Resulting from collaboration between the North Simcoe Muskoka Community Care Access Centre and the LHIN, this web platform offers a directory of services available in French in the area. Entité 4 is organizing the promotion of this service to the community.

“With the support of the Entité, the LHIN has been working to improve health care access for Francophones in our Health Links communities with many innovative programs now being available. Together the LHIN and the Entité will ensure that services continue to be culturally and linguistically adapted as they are planned and delivered.”

Deborah Hammons
Chief Executive Officer, Central East LHIN


Entité 4 staff participated in many forums, conferences and training courses to continue developing strategic ties with partners, as well as improve performance and increase knowledge about planning and developing health services.


Professional Development


& Forums


Work session with Entité 4
staff & Board members



Estelle Duchon,
Executive Director

Hermann Amon,
Planning Officer
[until August 2015]

Clément Habiyakare,
Planning Officer
[until February 2016]

Ameth Lo,
Planning Officer
[since November 2015]

Sophie Sakillarides,
Communications and Community Liaison Officer

Lynda Rooke,
Executive Assistant

Sonia Lapointe,
Administrative and Communications Assistant
[since October 2015]

Marielle Rose,
Administrative Assistant
[until June 2015]



Central LHIN

Yves Lévesque, Chairman
Dominique Janssens, Treasurer
Réjean Sirois [until September 2015]

Central East LHIN

Manon Lemonde, Vice-President
Jules Nkamtchou

North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN

Annick Brown, Board Secretary
Marie-France Heikens
Nina Lavoie



In our opinion, the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Entité de Planification des Services de Santé en Français # 4 Centre Sud-Ouest as at March 31, 2016, and the results of its operations and its cash FLows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian accounting standardsfor not-for-profit organizations..

Chartered Professional Accountants, Licensed Public Accountants
Ottawa, Ontario, May 25, 2016

Statement of Operations
For the year ended March 31
2015 2016


LHIN contributions $654,064 $654,064
Deferred contributions related to tangible capital assets - (9,867)
Amortization of deferred contributions related to tangible capital assets 14,105 18,132

TOTAL 668,169 662,329


Amortization of tangible capital assets 14,105 18,132
Communications and promotion 21,623 32,063
Conferences and training 16,690 6,653
Insurance 3,623 3,489
Office supplies 8,907 8,792
Bank charges 759 696
Office 4,106 7,082
Travel 23,148 19,837
Professional fees 128,348 132,826
Rent 33,542 33,020
Loss on disposal of tangible capital assets - 568
Salaries and benefits 384,781 374,965
Computer services 19,955 13,197
HST 8,582 11,009

TOTAL 668,169 662,329


Yves Lévesque
Chairman of the Board

Dominique Janssens