Care for Seniors

Entité 4, in collaboration with Central, Central East and North Simcoe Muskoka LHINs, assesses health services available to Francophones. Of particular interest will be the health care services available to francophone seniors in their community. The objective is to identify specific needs and priorities with respect to the development of home and long-term care. Improving access to such services could help reduce the number of days a patient spends in hospital when, with the appropriate support, they could return home or be admitted into a long-term care centre.

Language Matters in Long-Term Care

On October 1, the Minister of Long-Term Care, Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, announced an open call for applications to build new long-term care beds.

Following this announcement, we launched our Language Matters in Long-Term Care campaign to raise awareness of the need to prioritize Francophone beds within our catchment area.

We are working with our partners in the healthcare system and within the community to encourage providers that have capacity to offer long-term care services in French to include beds prioritized for Francophones as part of their funding application.

The campaign includes a series of short videos on the importance of language in long-term care.

Long Term Care Home Bendale Acres

Bendale Info Card

As of June 3, 2013, the Central East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) the organization mandated to determine eligibility, authorize admissions and manage wait lists for LTC homes in the Central East LHIN region, will give priority to francophone seniors who are eligible for long-term care and apply to Bendale Acres. Staff at the Pavillon Omer Deslauriers unit can speak both official languages and are able to provide care for residents in their language of choice.

June 3, 2013 marks a mile stone in providing francophone seniors with linguistically and culturally sensitive long-term care services.

If you want one of your loved ones to receive long-term care in a French environment, ask your CCAC about Bendale Acres.

This achievement can be attributed to the determination and collaboration of a number of organizations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Adult Day Program for Francophone Seniors in Durham Region

Centres d’Accueil Héritage operates three divisions offering social housing and a wide range of care and community services in French to Greater Toronto area residents. In 2014, they officially inaugurated the Adult Day Program in French in Oshawa.

The Central East LHIN announced, in November 2013, the funding for this project submitted by Centres d’Accueil Héritage. Entité 4 made a recommantation to the Central East LHIN in support of this project which is a perfect example of services adapted to the needs of the Francophones in the region. To learn more.

To register, call Jean Tété at 416-365-3350 poste 242 or contact him by email at