Active Offer

Active offer of health services in French is the regular and permanent offer of services to the Francophone population. The active offer of services:

  • respects the principles of equity;
  • strives for service quality comparable to that provided in English;
  • is linguistically and culturally appropriate to the needs and priorities of Francophones;
  • is inherent to the quality of the services provided to people (patients, residents, clients) and an important contributing factor to their safety.

Active Offer of French Language Services Workshop

Since 2014, Entité 4 has facilitated workshops for health service providers to build their capacity to actively offer French Language Services.

This customized workshop builds awareness of the importance of applying the principle of Active Offer of French language services and provides tools and tips to better serve your Francophone community.

The workshop can be delivered as:

  1. Virtual Workshop
  2. Onsite In-person Workshop

Both options include an interactive presentation, opportunities to discuss service-specific questions and a review of resources available to assist providers in serving the Francophone community.

If you are interested in arranging for this workshop for your team or have any other questions, please contact

The Joint Position Statement on the Active Offer of French Language Health Services in Ontario of the Regroupement des Entités de planification des services de santé de l’Ontario et l’Alliance des Réseaux ontariens de santé en français.