Appointed under the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006, Entité 4’s mandate is to make recommendations to the Central, Central East and North Simcoe Muskoka LHINs on:

  • methods of engaging the francophone community in these areas;
  • health needs and priorities of the francophone community in these areas, including the needs and priorities of diverse groups within that community;
  • health services available to the francophone community in these areas;
  • identification and designation of health service providers for the provision of French language health services in these areas;
  • strategies to improve access to and integration of French language health services in the local health system; and
  • planning and integration of health services in these areas.


In order to improve access to health services in French, Entité 4 facilitates community engagement and provides innovative advice to its partners on planning, organizing and integrating diverse, high quality health care services.

Our vision

Entité 4 is known for its contribution to the development of an integrated health system which offers excellent quality of care and responds to the needs of Francophones.

Our values

Innovation: Be creative and think outside the box to put forward efficient models for organizing health care services.

Integrity: Maintain consistency of thought, action and speech and display integrity in the management of public funds.

Collaboration: Maintain an attitude of collaboration with Entité 4’s partners and associates; cooperation with the existing local health system will help improve community health and access to services in French.

Rigour: Maintain high standards of quality and rely on accurate data so that Entité 4’s credibility remains indisputable.