Recruiting and retaining bilingual staff in a minority context presents challenges. Building on existing capacity and coming up with a Human Resources plan will help to maximize efficiency in addressing patient needs. Here are a few tips and best practices.

Identifying your staff that speaks French is free and an easy step in offering a better service to your Francophone patients. You may already have staff that speaks French. Identifying them will allow you to assess quickly, easily and at no cost, your existing capacity to serve French-speaking patients.

View this health service provider's survey for its staff as an example.

View an email template to accompany the survey.

Provide Effective Delivery of French Language Health Services in your Organization

The online resource "Health Human Resources Strategy" helps health organizations recruit and retain bilingual staff. It presents concepts and courses of action for improving access to French language health services across Canada, and supports the vision and strategic directions set out in Health Canada's Health Human Resource Strategy.

In addition to posting jobs on your regular networks, we advise you to post your French or bilingual job offers to :

North Simcoe Muskoka Healthline

Assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario

Our partner Collège Boréal offers the program French as a Second Language across the province. They can also offer tailored classes if necessary.