Studies systematically demonstrate that, in a minority setting, individuals do not request their services in French for many different reasons including the perception that a request for services in French will delay the service or that it will be of lesser quality. This is why health service providers need to actively offer their services in French, without waiting for the patient to ask for it.

Active offer of health services in French is the regular and permanent offer of services to the Francophone population. Active offer of services:

  • respects the principle of equity;
  • aims for service quality comparable to that provided in English;
  • is linguistically and culturally appropriate to the needs and priorities of Francophones;
  • is inherent in the quality of the services provided to people (patients, residents, clients) and an important contributing factor to their safety.

It is the result of a rigorous and innovative process for planning and delivering services in French across the entire health care continuum.

It depends on accountability at several levels and requires partners to exercise appropriate leadership with respect to health services in French.

In concrete terms, it takes the form of a range of health services available in French and offered proactively, that is, services are clearly announced, visible and easily accessible at all times.

- Joint Position Statement on the Active Offer of French Language Health Services in Ontario

[English Version] [French Version]

View the French Language Services Commissioner's Special Report - Active Offer of Service in French: The Cornerstone for Achieving the Objectives of Ontario's French Language Services Act.

[English Version] [French Version]


Entité 4 has developed a free interactive workshop to raise awareness on the importance of actively offering services in French.

This workshop is tailored to the individual needs of each health service provider and can take the form of a staff meeting, a "Lunch and Learn" sessions or a more comprehensive and interactive half-day sessions with management, staff and partners.

Our goal is to raise awareness on language barriers in health care and provide tools and information to assist you in offering better quality care for Francophones and increase patient safety.

Contact us to book a workshop that matches your needs at

Badges "Je parle français", Quick Wins, Statistics on Francophones, are just a few examples of tools we can give health service providers.

Start practicing active offer now with these easy steps:

  • If you speak French, wear a badge or name tag Je parle français
  • Greeting clients with HELLO - BONJOUR
  • Have a script to greet your patients bilingually in person and over the phone
  • Have a list of French speaking staff
  • Be sure all patient documentation is bilingual or translated into French : intake forms, flyers...
  • Identify patients as Francophones
  • Include a question on satisfaction for FLS in your patient's survey.