Regroupement des Entités

(Coordination Table of Provincial Partners)

The Regroupement strives to develop principles and common positions to advance, in a cohesive and efficient manner, French language health services at the provincial level.

Together, to improve health of Francophones in Ontario. 

The Regroupement welcomes the transformation of the health system as presented in Patients First: A Proposal to Strenghten Patient-Centred Heaalth Care in Ontario. The Regroupement is sharing its reflections and recommendations regading the coming reform.

The Alliance des Réseaux, funded by the federal government, and the Regroupement held their first joint forum in March 2013. Members from each organization’s Board of Directors, and each Executive Director formally met for the first time to outline the complementary roles of both jurisdictions and create synergy to motivate joint actions.

During the 3rd Forum on Health in French in Ontario in March 2015, the Alliance and the Regroupement agreed on a joint document regarding the principle of active offer of French language health services in Ontario.  You can look at the Joint Position Statement on the Active Offer of French Language Health Services in Ontario or the press release.